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Thursday 13 April 2023

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SAP stands for ‘Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing’. SAP develops and sells business application software and offers services related to the products that increases or examines the productivity in specific parts of a company, such as customer relations, enterprise resource planning, accounting, human resources, and others. 

SAP programs offered by GB TRAINING &  PLACEMENT CENTRE to individuals are in line with the changing global business environment resulting in the evolution of individual performances on a global scale.

The programs help individuals acquire skills and knowledge needed to tackle even the most challenging projects. We ensure rapid return on investment to find a right career path to a successful and highly paid career in SAP.

Getting better jobs is the primary reason that professionals JOIN SAP Training. Numerous candidates have been able to move up the ladder using their SAP knowledge. SAP is currently being recognised by all global companies and can bring about a huge leap in anyone’s career. 70% of companies listed under the Forbes 500 run on SAP ERP. With demand getting bigger, the opportunities to eligible professionals too are swelling. 

Today, SAP systems define both large scale and small businesses. It is one of the most benefiting ERP platforms that facilitate better functioning of a business in all aspects. Having a SAP course enables a professional to be better prepared for the rising workplace complexities. In some cases, it is not just an advantage but a strict criterion for selection. 


  • SAP is a German ERP Company spread across the globe. SAP is world’s largest ERP Product.
  • Company with 65% of market share represented in all verticals. SAP is also the third largest IT.
  • Company in the world with a turnover of INR 70,000 Crore.
  • The company has over 450,000 customers in 180 countries.
  • SAP professionals are among the highest paid in the industry and have a higher employ ability quotient globally, particularly in Europe, USA, Middle East, India and China.
  • The historic trend has been that 60 to 70 % of SAP consultants are based in western countries, as most SAP customers are based in the west.
  • Many Companies have successfully deployed SAP ERP in India. 70% of them are small and medium business. (SMB’s).
  • The corporation operates in six geographic regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), MEE (Middle and Eastern Europe: which includes the sub regions DACHCEE and CIS), NA (United States and Canada), LAC (Latin America and Caribbean), Greater China (PRCROC) and APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan).
  • SAP focuses upon 25 industries and six industry sectors: process industries, discrete industries, consumer industries, service industries, financial services and public services. It offers integrated product sets for large enterprises, mid-sized companies and small businesses.
  • SAP is listed on the German DAX index and at the New York Stock Exchange. SAP is the world's third largest software and programming company.


  • 11 out of 14 “ Navratnas” run on SAP.
  • 24 out of 30 companies in Sensex run SAP.
  • 37 out of 50 companies in Nifty run SAP.
  • 36 out of 50 in ET 500( Economic Times ) run SAP.
  • 21 out of the top 25 Indian brands run SAP.
  • 18 out of the 20 companies listed in the BCG Global Challengers list run on SAP.
  • 25 out of the 40 Largest Indian Companies named by Forbes run on SAP.
  • 7 out of the 13 Indian firms named by Business Week in 'Asia's Hot Growth Companies' list runs on SAP.


Over the past decade, the Indian job market has undergone a paradigm shift with heavy focus towards the service Industry. As per the Planning Commission, 60% of all new jobs are created in the Service Sector. The report goes on to indicate that 12 Crore out of the estimated 20 Crore jobs in 2020 will be in Service Sector. However, India has been unable to provide skilled resources to fill in these jobs.


“400,000 engineers enter the workforce each year, but only 20 percent of them are industryready." (Source: TOI) According to a McKinsey study, only 25 per cent of our engineering graduates, 15 per cent of our finance and accounting professionals and 10 per cent of professionals with any kind of degrees, in India, are suitable to work in multinational companies 67% of employers in India find it difficult to fill open positions due to lack of required skills among the job seekers. ( Source: Talent Shortage Survey 2011 – Manpower Group) Shortage of talent and increasing salary bands are forcing companies to look at alternates to India. Several Projects that were originally intended for India are being relocated to other Countries like China, Philippines etc. There have also been instances wherein existing projects in India have been relocated to other countries. SAP implementation projects have also been affected by this shortage. Although SAP has seen increment in the SAP-ERP sales in India, this growth is not being adequately supported by skilled manpower leading to demand and supply gap. 

Ironically, India has a good number of fresh graduates who can fill this void easily. However, these students are being left out of the growth story due to lack of requisite skill sets. These students have limited options when it comes to choosing a career. A large number are unwillingly pushed into a BPO and KPO jobs as there are few alternatives. Though the BPO/KPO career is economically rewarding, the growth prospects are limited. Also, fifteen years of formal education have little or no relevance to the job as most of the BPO/KPO jobs demand only good communication skills and process adherence.

SAP Education seeks to equip students in India with contemporary SAP knowledge and skills and to provide them with a platform which puts them at pan with the rest of the world.SAP training also makes use of the knowledge gained by students during their formal education and so provides a meaningful extension to their specialization

GB Training And Placement Centre:

 Empowering Careers Since 2007

The GB Training & Placement Institute Chandigarh delivers a plethora of training and career oriented programs in the field of SAP ERP , Salesforce &  Management . We use cutting edge methods and processes that are credible, and proven at the same time. We  offer Classroom SAP-ERP training to students and working professionals in Chandigarh & Mohali . Our mode of training includes both Instructor-led and On-line. Our training program is fully flexible. We also provide the option of In-house training to students, if so desired by the institutions. Training, practical workshops and regular assignments are the core instruments via which our program functions. SAP-ERP Training is divided in two categories .They are Functional and Technical. Those who are doing MBA in different streams, go for functional module training. For B-tech, IT and MCA students there is technical module. Our team of technical professionals helps students to learn vital skills, and implement the same to real world problems.

 Why Choose GB Training And Placement

 Centre For "Sap Course Training In


1. Experienced Instructors: GB Training And Placement Centre boasts a team of experienced and certified instructors who bring real-world industry knowledge to the training sessions.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The center's SAP MM training program covers a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring that participants gain a deep understanding of the module and its practical applications.

3. Hands-On Learning: Practical, hands-on exercises and real-life case studies are integral to the training program, providing participants with valuable experiential learning.

4. Placement Assistance: GB Training And Placement Centre goes beyond training by offering placement assistance to help participants secure rewarding positions in the SAP MM field.

SCO 85 86 4th Floor
Whatsapp - 9988113578 , 8528110190 

 "SAP MM (Material Management) Module Training In Chandigarh & Mohali"

For over a decade, GB Training And Placement Centre has been a pioneer in providing high-quality SAP MM training. With a commitment to excellence, the center has successfully trained numerous professionals who have gone on to build successful careers in SAP.

SAP Material Management (MM) is an integral module within the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that focuses on the management of materials and resources in an organization. It plays a crucial role in optimizing procurement processes, managing inventory efficiently, and ensuring seamless supply chain operations.

Benefits of SAP MM Training:

Enhanced Career Opportunities:

   Completing SAP MM training with GB Training in Chandigarh opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates of the program are equipped with the skills to work as SAP MM consultants, analysts, or managers, allowing them to contribute significantly to an organization's success.

Global Recognition:

   SAP is a globally recognized ERP system, and SAP MM professionals are in demand worldwide. The skills acquired through this course are transferable across industries, giving individuals the flexibility to work in various sectors and geographic locations.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity:

   SAP MM enables organizations to streamline their material management processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Trained professionals can contribute to optimizing supply chains, reducing costs, and improving overall business operations.

Job Prospects in Foreign Countries:

The demand for SAP professionals, including those with expertise in SAP MM, is high in foreign countries. Multinational corporations and businesses with global operations rely on SAP to manage their resources efficiently. As a result, SAP MM professionals are sought after in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many others.


Experience the Power of SAP MM with Our Free Demo Session!

   "SAP FICO (Financial & Controlling) Module Training In Chandigarh & Mohali"

Do you have questions like :

1. What specific career goals do you have, and how do you see SAP FICO aligning with those goals?

2. How do you perceive the role of SAP FICO professionals in the current job market, and what advantages do you believe this course could offer in terms of career opportunities?

3. Can you identify any trends or demands in your industry that emphasize the need for professionals with SAP FICO skills?

4. In your opinion, how does SAP FICO certification differentiate candidates in the job market, particularly in competitive industries or sectors?

5. Have you observed any job postings or profiles in your desired field that explicitly mention or prefer candidates with SAP FICO expertise?

6. Considering the global nature of many businesses, how do you think SAP FICO could enhance your prospects for international career opportunities?

7. From your perspective, how does SAP FICO contribute to career growth within an organization, and what impact can it have on advancing to higher positions?

8. In your industry or field of interest, do you notice any challenges or complexities in financial management that SAP FICO skills could effectively address?

9. How do you think the integration of SAP FICO with other SAP modules can broaden your skill set and make you a more valuable asset to employers?

10. Have you spoken with professionals who have completed the SAP FICO course, and if so, what insights or recommendations have they shared about the impact it had on their careers?

So the answer is here :


In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, individuals aspiring to thrive in multinational corporations (MNCs) are turning to the SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) course as a catalyst for career success. Let's explore why this course is not only necessary for those eyeing big MNC opportunities but also how it serves as a gateway to employment for freshers, aids those planning to work abroad, and provides a unique avenue for female professionals to excel through freelancing.

 1. Gateway to Big MNCs: 

 a. Global Standard: 

MNCs operate on a global scale, requiring standardized financial processes. SAP FICO is globally recognized, making it an invaluable asset for individuals seeking employment in large corporations. Mastery of this course ensures that candidates are well-equipped to navigate the financial intricacies of multinational operations.

 b. Decision-Making Excellence: 

SAP FICO empowers professionals to make data-driven decisions. In MNCs, where strategic decisions impact the entire organization, the ability to analyze real-time financial data becomes a key skill. This course provides the necessary tools for effective decision-making, setting candidates apart in the competitive job market.

 2. Bridging the Gap for Freshers: 

 a. Competitive Edge: 

For freshers entering the job market, SAP FICO certification acts as a competitive differentiator. It showcases a candidate's proficiency in handling financial processes using cutting-edge technology, making them more attractive to employers seeking candidates with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

 b. Versatility for Varied Industries: 

The versatility of SAP FICO skills ensures that freshers are adaptable across industries. This adaptability is highly sought after by employers, positioning candidates as valuable assets capable of navigating diverse business environments.

 3. A Ticket Abroad: 

 a. International Relevance: 

For individuals planning to work abroad, SAP FICO certification is a valuable asset. Its international relevance ensures that professionals can seamlessly apply their financial management skills in different countries, meeting the varied legal and financial requirements of multinational settings.

 4. Empowering Female Professionals: 

 a. Freelancing Opportunities: 

SAP FICO empowers female professionals to take control of their careers by offering freelancing opportunities. With the flexibility to work from home, women can balance personal and professional commitments, entering the workforce on their terms.

 5. Additional Advantages of SAP FICO:* 

 a. Career Growth and Advancement: 

Completion of the SAP FICO course opens doors to accelerated career growth within organizations. Professionals with this expertise are often recognized for their contributions to operational excellence, leading to enhanced career advancement.

 Experience the Power of SAP FICO with Our Free Demo Session!

"SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Module Training In Chandigarh & Mohali"


SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is a module within SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is designed to manage the sales and distribution processes in an organization. This module is suitable for professionals who are involved in sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as those responsible for managing the distribution and logistics aspects of a business. Here are the key roles that can benefit from learning and working with SAP SD:


1.Sales Professionals:

   - Individuals involved in sales activities, including creating and managing sales orders, handling pricing, and maintaining customer relationships, can benefit from SAP SD.


2.Marketing Professionals:

   - Professionals in marketing can leverage SAP SD to understand customer demand, track sales performance, and analyze market trends to optimize marketing strategies.


3.Customer Service Representatives:

   - Customer service representatives can use SAP SD to access relevant information about customers, orders, and deliveries, enabling them to provide better support and service.


4.Logistics and Distribution Managers:

   - Individuals responsible for managing the logistics and distribution processes within an organization can use SAP SD to streamline order fulfillment, shipping, and inventory management.


5.Supply Chain Professionals:

   - Professionals involved in supply chain management can benefit from SAP SD to integrate sales processes with procurement, production planning, and inventory management.


6.Business Analysts:

   - Business analysts who analyze sales data, customer behavior, and market trends can use SAP SD to access and interpret relevant information for strategic decision-making.



   - SAP SD consultants work with organizations to implement and optimize the SAP SD module. They play a crucial role in configuring the system to meet the specific needs of the business.


8.ERP Implementation Teams:

   - Professionals involved in implementing or upgrading ERP systems within an organization may need expertise in SAP SD to ensure a smooth integration of sales and distribution processes.


9.Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

   - Small business owners or entrepreneurs can benefit from understanding SAP SD to manage their sales operations more efficiently and make informed business decisions.


10.Students and Aspiring Professionals:

    - Students pursuing degrees in business, marketing, supply chain management, or related fields, as well as entry-level professionals, can enhance their skills and marketability by learning SAP SD.

 SAP Sales and Distribution (SD):

  • Purpose:
    • SD is focused on managing the sales process and customer relationships. It covers activities from order creation to delivery and invoicing.

  • Key Features:
    • Sales Order Processing: Creation and management of sales orders.

    • Shipping: Handling the shipping and delivery processes.
    • Billing: Invoicing customers for goods and services.
    • Customer Management: Maintaining customer master data and managing customer relationships.
    • Pricing: Determining product prices based on various factors.
  • Relevance for Business Students (MBA, BBA):
    • Understanding the sales process is vital for business students, as it forms the backbone of revenue generation.
    • Learning SD helps students grasp customer relationship management, order fulfillment, and pricing strategies.
  • Relevance for Engineering Students (B.Tech):
    • B.Tech students can benefit by understanding the integration of technology in business processes.
    • Knowledge of SD can be valuable for those interested in technology solutions for sales and distribution.

It's important to note that while SAP SD is particularly relevant for sales and distribution functions, a good understanding of other SAP modules, such as Material Management (MM) and Finance (FI), may also be beneficial for a comprehensive view of business processes within an organization. Training programs and certifications are available for those who want to acquire expertise in SAP SD.

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 What to Expect: 

 Insightful Overview:  Get an in-depth understanding of SAP   and Other Courses  its relevance in today's dynamic business landscape.


- Live Demonstration:  Witness the power of SAP with a live demonstration of key features and functionalities.

- Q&A Session:  Have your questions answered by our experienced instructors, ensuring you leave with a clear understanding of the benefits and opportunities that SAP  offers.

 How to Register for the Free Demo: 

Ready to take the first step toward a rewarding career in SAP -ERP? Register for our Free Demo Session by filling out the form on our website or contacting us directly.


 Contact Us for Further Information: 

Have additional questions or need more information about our SAP   training program in Chandigarh and Mohali with GB Training and Placement Centre ? We're here to help!

Contact Information:

- Phone: 9988113578 | 7888919083

Address: Sector 34 A- Chandigarh | Sector 115 Mohali 

- Website:


Ready to Transform Your Career? Contact Us Today and Take the Next Step with GB Training And Placement Centre! 

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